#Savannah is a #hotbed of #creativity & #upcycling!

Charles Scarborough | upcycle artist

Savannah | Upcycling

What’s Old is New Again—The Business of Upcycling! Via #BusinessInSavannah | Heather E. Ohlman

Savannah businesses making a living from discarded materials. Every piece is different and bespoke.

#Upcycling is different than recycling because it increases an item’s worth or quality through reuse. The level of transformation varies by piece and practitioner.

Here is a list of proprietors who make magic from “junk”:

Fish Art Gallerie

Two Women and a Warehouse

Momma & Her Girls

Finders Keepers Furniture

Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar



#SXSWEco coming this week! Want to help #divert the trade show materials? Come help out!



SpinFish, Inc. is helping #SXSWEco go #ZeroWaste again this year!  SpinFish has helped SXSWEco divert materials that would normally end up in our local landfills.

Here are the SpinFish stats for diversion:
SXSWEco ~ 3,500+lbs
SXSW (main event) ~22,000+lbs
Sign-up to volunteer (you get best pick!) or come by for the super-cool leftovers!  Either way you will be helping #Austin get to our zero waste goal!


Volunteer a few hours & get great #swag from #SXSWEco trade show!

In the interest of #zerowaste and saving materials from our local landfills—SpinFish, Inc. is helping @SXSWEco divert their leftover #tradeshow materials!  Want to help?  Sign up for a volunteer spot and get the best pick of stuff!  The #SXSWEco conference is next week and we will be diverting materials on Tuesday 10/11 and Wednesday 10/12!  Come have fun and get great stuff!

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