#GirlGuides in the #UK add #Upcycling for a badge! Via #TheTelegraph

Princess Elizabeth Girl Guide

Princess Elizabeth | Girl Guide








Camilla Turner Education Editor | The Telegraph Education | @tele_education

Girl Guides is the UK is the equivalent of our the Girl Scouts. Girlguiding is revitalizing their program and offering new badges for the modern girl.  One of the skill sets you can now earn a badge for is… wait for it… #Upcycling!

How cool is that?  Not quite as cool as a young Princess Elizabeth setting up her own camp site clean-up, but pretty awesome!

Which #Ikea bag hack is better? @TreeHugger

Ikea bag upcycle hacks

Ikea bag upcycle hacks

@TreeHugger | Melissa Breyer | @MelissaBreyer

This list of #Ikea bag hacks from TreeHugger is sometimes “tongue-in-cheek” and all-around awesome!

It will make you feel artsy, a maker, and much smarter than anyone buying the Balenciaga knock-off for $2,145.00.  Yes, you read that right! Hmmm… 99 cents vs. $2k? Damn right—you’re a genius!


Ikea or Balenciaga?

Ikea or Balenciaga? 99 cents vs. $2k



#ZeroWaste not just for #hippies anymore! Never was, really | @CNN

Zero Waste is all the rage!

Zero Waste is all the rage!

Via @CNN Isabelle Chapman

Soooooo, now everyone wants less packaging! Yay! Who needs extra stuff on top of the thing that you most desire? No one! Do not hide my purchase in plastic or new resource paper—let my purchase be lovingly ensconced in my very own brought-from-home bag or a #zerowaste reusable status symbol!

Zero Waste isn’t just for hippies anymore

#Austin is on the forefront of zero waste. We have a master plan of 90% diversion rate by 2040.  Ambitious, yes!

Re-Sourcery has featured one of our local businesses helping us get to zero waste, in.gredients.

Austin even has a handy-dandy Shop Zero Waste directory!

Want to become a sustainable green business? Check out Austin Green Business Leaders from the City of Austin Office of Sustainability.

@Marketplace | How to keep #Mom&Pop businesses alive | Co-op model for employee equity

Marketplace | Urban Ore

Marketplace | Urban Ore

via SamHartnett

What I like about the creative solution is the business keeps running with the folks who know how to manage it best—the employees. Finding ways to keep small #Mom&Pop businesses going after owners retire is a valid concern. Most owners don’t want to just “sell out”.

From the article

Berkeley’s reclaimed trash company Urban Ore has diverted tons of garbage from the dump and into the hands of customers, and the company has become a key part of Berkeley’s recycling ecosystem. But it could disappear.

That’s because the owners of the 36-year-old business, Dan Knapp and Mary Lou Van Deventer, are ready to stop working.

Many of America’s small businesses are in a similar position. Baby boomers hold about 45 percent of the country’s privately-owned businesses that employ workers, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census data by the non-profit Project Equity. As the owners retire, many shut down or sell off their businesses.

“We bought it at $3 million and it’s worth three times that now,” Knapp said.Urban Ore’s owners have a different plan, even though selling off the property could prove lucrative. Urban Ore’s three-acre warehouse in Berkeley is a real estate goldmine.

“Both our lawyer and our banker have advised us to sell the property and take the money,” Van Deventer said. “And we say, ‘But we said we spent our lives building the business.’”