@EarthDayATX tomorrow! #HustonTillotson | Re-Sourcery will be there! Will you?

2017 Austin Earth Day | Huston-Tillotson College

2017 Austin Earth Day | Huston-Tillotson College

@EarthDayATX is upon us!  Tomorrow @HustonTillotson!

Austin Earth Day is an awesome way to show your appreciation for Mother Earth and Austin! Come on down and have fun!  There is a Kid Zone, Outdoor Activity Zone, Eco Discovery Zone, and an Earth Stage with a stellar lineup!



@qz #Greenpeace #Recycling #Textiles won’t help—let’s #make durable, repairable #clothes!

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Recycling Textiles | Not so much

Recycling Textiles | Not so much

Greenpeace is taking on our current “feel good” fashion recycling trend.  It is a fallacy to think we can recycle all the textiles we buy.  The amount of textiles that are bought and then thrown away due to our #fastfashion lifestyle is enormous.

It is estimated every US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing a year!

If we are just going to throw away or donate these shoddily made clothes for newer-yet-shoddily-made clothes—how is this helping?

The good news is that millennials are rejecting the “trendiosis” of  #fastfashion and preferring second-hand, vintage, or more expensive #sustainably sourced textiles.

H&M, Zara Grapple With Sustainable Fashion This Holiday Season (Advertising Age) outlines how the public wants to buy items that are classic and will last a long time. The movement is happening, and it’s been gaining ground in the last few years.

Fashion brands need to urgently re-think the throwaway business model and produce clothing that’s durable, repairable and fit for re-use. —Kirsten Brodde, the head of Greenpeace’s Detox my Fashion campaign

Check out how to buy local in Austin and how we can repair what we have!

26 Billion Pounds of #Textile #Waste goes in our #landfills each year!

26 Billion Pounds of Textile Waste per Year


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We’re Sending 26 Billion Pounds of Reusable Textiles to the Landfill Every Year!

That roughly translates to about 78 pounds per person per year.  Do you really need that Zara hoodie?  Do you think that you will be wearing that Forever 21 blouse in two years’ time? #FastFashion has seen it’s last “hurrah”—we cannot keep sending perfectly wearable clothing to our landfills.  #Repair or #upcycle them!