#HGTV Flea Market Flip—#Upcycling goes #mainstream!

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Flea Market Flip

I just caught an episode of HGTV’s #FleaMarketFlip featuring the  #FIT designers vs. #PennState crafters and it was good!  Disclaimer: I was rooting for the FIT designers as I knew their aesthetic would be “on point”.

I really want to do a show where you are not so much buying low and #upcycling—but finding items as #trash and making them useable and/or beautiful again (in a new form, perhaps).  Once an item has gone to a #fleamarket—there is a #salvage ethic involved (it is worth something).  I want to see the transformation from the side-of-the-road find (#waste) to a $500 sale. Literally worth NOTHING to an elevated piece for your home.

Who wants a new #Austin #Upcycle Challenge?

Okay, so it has been a while.  It’s not you—it’s me.  I would like to hear from folks if they want another Austin Upcycle Challenge this year—please ping me if you or an assembled team is interested.  We could even do a #virtualchallenge!

Here are some photos from our first challenge:

Ping me blythe@re-sourcery.org or just comment on this site if you want to be included.



Too many choices? We have a solution!

Too many choices

Too many choices, pare down, and upcycle!

Want a solution to “too many choices”? Pare down and repair what you love! Recycle what you don’t need and upcycle the articles of clothing that are your favorites.  Need a designer or an upcycler?  Email us and we can find you one!