@SpinFish_Inc is coming to #SXSWEco again this year! Sign up to volunteer or get leftover materials!





SpinFish  is coming to SXSWEco again this year to help the conference divest the materials leftover from the SXSWEco Tradeshow!

I wanted to let you know that SpinFish is coming back to Austin for SXSWEco in a few weeks! I am helping them with project management for their leftover trade show materials.

To date, SpinFish has helped SX save more than 26,000 pounds from the landfill and shared the items with thousands of Austin community members.  We’d love to have another year of awesome results.

Interested in volunteering for the project?  Or receiving some items so that we can keep them out of the landfill?  Right now, we anticipate foamcor, canvas banners, paper handouts, wood pallets and promotional materials.  New items will be added as we get closer to the actual event.  Volunteers receive first pick of the items as a special thank you for your help.

Pick ups will be on the evening of Oct 11 (Tue) and on Oct 12 (Wed).  If you’d like to be added to the potential pick up list, please provide me with your current contact information, items you may be interested in and availability.  If you’d like to volunteer, please let me know your availability—we request a 3 hour commitment and we promise that the time will fly by!

Feel free to pass our contact information along to others that may be interested.

blythechristopher@gmail.com  or stephanie@spinfishinc.com

Many thanks!  Blythe



    Marlowe Macintyre

    I am a GT Teacher in Lake Travis ISD. I am starting my own Maker Space in my classroom and I need everything. I teach the elementary level students.

    I can help out on Tuesday or Wednesday — whenever you need help the most.

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      Marlowe, how cool! We are working with Grisham MS Maker Space as well! Let me go through what I have and I can post if you need any of it—you are welcome to it. I don’t have a permanent space yet, but am planning an Upcycle Challenge for 2017. Do you want to be involved? Thanks! Blythe

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