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Seoul Upcycling

Seoul Upcycling












Seoul #Upcycling Plaza promotes goods from garbage | By Kim Se-jeong

Lovely to see #trash made into #treasure in #Seoul!

From the article:

“…some of [the trash] finds its way back into the market, and the Seoul Upcycling Plaza which opened last week shows how to get new life from waste with added beauty and practicality.

Upcycling refers to recycling goods to create new value-added objects.

Among featured upcycled goods are wine bottles turned into plates, chairs made of bathroom tiles, business card holders made of milk cartons, toys made of plastic bottles, a hat made of recycled car tires and a chandelier made with plastic bottles. The beauty and creativeness of the objects are impressive enough.

The plaza is a part of the city’s “zero-waste” endeavor targeted to be realized by 2030.”

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